Do the Holiday Hustle! How a quick pre-party workout can prevent bloat and halt holiday weight gain.


BeWellTHE HOLIDAY SEASON is a time for tenderness, family, thankfulness. OK, and overeating. And hollow resolutions. And stretch pants.

Personal trainer Kenny Clemons, a former Marine trainer with more than 12 years of experience, says quick, classic exercises are the best way to battle belly bloat around the holidays. And when you’re pressed for time (like during a marathon of family gatherings) and space (can’t cram your Pilates reformer into your car), it’s time to forget the fads and go old-school for
10 minutes.

The Goblet Squat, for instance, is a simple way to work out your thighs and glutes. Grab a five-pound bag of sugar (or your five-pound makeup bag) and hold it to the center of your chest while you do 10-12 squats. Repeat this move for three to five sets. To work out your arms, shoulders, and upper back, raise your five-pound weight straight above your head as you squat in one fluid movement called the Overhead Press. “It’s really simple and can be done anywhere,” says Clemons. “Adding the Overhead Press will turn up the fat-burning to another level.”

Another classic move? Planks. “Do not underestimate these bad boys,” says Clemons. Hold a plank position (as though you are about to lower yourself for a push-up) for 30 seconds; next, give yourself a brief rest before holding a plank for

40 seconds. Do three to five reps of planks, adding 10 seconds to each rep (or shortening the resting time between reps for a real challenge).

And finally, Clemons is a fan of the good, classic push-up. Do five or 10 push-ups for three or four reps. “They’ve been around forever,” says Clemons. “They give you more bang for the buck.”

Clemons provides personal and small group training at Federal Hill Fitness and MV Fitness in Mount Vernon. Now drop and give me 10.;

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