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Where to go next? Consult our Travel section for vacation stories to satisfy your wanderlust.

Great Scot Take a Field Trip to Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend & Parade.

Nothing says Christmas like bagpipes, right? Shake things up this holiday season at the Campagna Center’s Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend & Parade in Alexandria, Virginia. Fans of “Outlander,” UK enthusiasts and merrymakers alike will delight in the procession, featuring tartan galore, bagpipe and drum corps, reenactors, classic cars, dancers, Scottie …

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Mugged in Philly Beer drinking across the City of Brewery Love.

Quick, what’s the best beer town in the country? As a homer who can detect malty aromas wafting over from Union Craft Brewing in my Woodberry backyard, I might answer Baltimore. But there are the established craft beer hotbeds to consider—Portland, Seattle and Denver. Old-schoolers might even suggest Milwaukee out …

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Field Trip: Racing Waters

It’s a revival nearly 60 years strong. Skipjack racing, a once popular sport on the Chesapeake Bay, fell out of fashion after the Great Depression and with the decline of traditional fishing boats. But in 1959, a few Deal Island boat captains and members of the Deal Island-Chance Lions Club …

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