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La Scala Brings Baltimore Influences to Comfort Food Classic Let your senses feast on this surf-and-turf specialty

Presenting classic Italian cuisine with innovative specialties, La Scala Ristorante Italiano gives guests a taste of Italy in the heart of Baltimore’s Little Italy. When we asked Executive Chef and Owner Nino Germano what La Scala is doing with comfort food this season, he replied, “Everything we do is comfort …

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Adjusting to Telehealth in the Age of COVID Pandemic Presents Telemedicine Benefits and Challenges for Individual Battling MLD

Adjusting to Telehealth in the age of COVID

As COVID-19 emerged on the public health scene, patients and providers suddenly had to switch from traditional in-person appointments to telehealth. Now, having spent months adjusting to telehealth, many are welcoming the change. In 2014, Greg Bennett, now 24, was diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD), a rare genetic neurological disease …

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Fall Fun and Halloween Happenings

Fall fun and Halloween happenings

Variations on Vision Don’t miss the last few days of Rapid Lemon Productions’ 16th Annual Variations Project: Variations on Vision. Presented by Free Fall Baltimore, this 10-minute festival features a collection of short plays, lasting about 10 minutes, by local authors. This year, the group is not only presenting its …

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Know You’re Enough, Know When You’ve Had Enough Baltimore native Anna Larimore uses podcast to empower women to rediscover their worth, set boundaries in their lives

The Enough Podcast

During the two summers that Baltimore native Anna Larimore spent studying abroad and interning in Cape Town, South Africa, while attending college, she got an idea for creating a platform designed to empower women. The company for whom she was interning had her get certified in leadership studies, which sparked …

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2Betties Donates Snack Rounds During COVID-19 Pandemic Mother-daughter duo nourishes children and health-care workers with healthy, real-ingredient treats

2Betties Snacks

When the mother-and-daughter team of Nancy Becker, 60, and Bridget Greaney, 26, launched 2Betties in 2018, the Baltimore-based snack company exclusively sold its nutritious doughnut-shaped “rounds” online. Fans of the rounds—which don’t contain grains, peanuts, dairy or added sugars—can now find them in local supermarkets, such as Eddie’s and Graul’s …

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Weekend Plans, What to do Oct 1-5

Harbor Kayaking

Saturday-Sunday Poe Fest Calling all Poe fans, the 2020 International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and Awards will take place Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3 and 4 (aka “Death Weekend”), and commemorate the 171st anniversary of Poe’s death. This completely virtual event features live exhibits and tours of important Poe sites …

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