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Beauty & Health

Read up on the latest beauty trends and health news.

Hoop Dreams

A group of self-proclaimed “whippersnappers” meet up for hula hooping at Patterson Park. GROUP THINK. The first rule of Baltimore Fit Club is to talk about Baltimore Fit Club—especially on, a social networking site that helps like-minded locals find each other and plan events. Founded in January 2013, BFC …

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Decoding Your Destiny

After his son was diagnosed with celiac disease, Jon Rowley, who has two other kids, discovered he wasn’t a carrier for the disease by accessing his personal genome report online. In 2009, David Hale went on a clandestine mission across the border. He took the Metro from his home in …

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Motherhood On Ice

KATHLEEN WORKS 12-hour shifts as a physician assistant in a Baltimore hospital emergency room. She’s 40 and single. And she’s always wanted to have her own children. After a bad breakup a few years ago, Kathleen talked to her gynecologist about her desire to have a baby—and her fears that …

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Curves Ahead

Cheeky branding at Pop Physique in Mount Vernon. BABY GOT BACK. Whether you’re rocking a flat fanny or carrying a little extra junk in the trunk, Pop Physique is our new favorite destination for taming an uncooperative derriere. Lovingly referred to as “Butt School” by devotees, the signature Pop Sculpt …

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Snip or Tie?

When my third child was a few months old, I started having fantasies about the Exersaucer, and that’s how I knew. My fantasy went like this: instead of stashing the Exersaucer in the cellar for the next baby that might issue forth from my body, I would give it away, …

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Hot tips for health

Style asked 20 local health, fitness and nutrition experts, “What’s the most important thing women can do for their health after age 40”? And, since many of our experts are women around the age of 40 themselves, we also asked: “What is the most important thing you do for your …

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health_Wired workouts

Melissa McCabe has lost 75 pounds since June 2011. While she shed the weight and has kept it off through old-fashioned practices of eating healthy food and exercising regularly, the particular way she did it is very 21st century. McCabe says MyFitnessPal, a phone application for recording exercise and diet …

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