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Beauty & Health

Read up on the latest beauty trends and health news.

Chill Out Cryotherapy is Maryland’s coolest new wellness trend.

I hate to be cold. Like, really hate it. As in, accidentally-ran-up-a-$300-heating-bill-in-my-tiny-apartment hate it. So when I first heard of cryotherapy, my initial reaction was less curiosity and more visceral full-body shiver. Voluntarily stepping into a minus-200-degree Fahrenheit chamber seemed not only uncomfortable, but insane. But after learning more about …

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Inside & Out Looking effortless…well, isn’t. Five local experts share their tips and tricks for embracing your natural beauty.

By its very definition, natural beauty should be the easiest thing in the world to achieve. But let’s be honest—most of us don’t wake up in the morning with the healthy, glowing skin and gorgeous hair we’ve come to associate with a laid-back look. The secret to such easy-breezy beauty, …

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