Thursday, June 30, 2022

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6. Words

“Why are we so afraid to have conversations about death? It’s the only thing promised in life but no one wants to discuss it,”...

Group Dynamics

zoe charlton In “Dreamers and Builders,” two nude men struggle under a tower of North American trees, suburban houses, clouds and a little red barn....

flash fiction

Swimming Lessons by Timmy Reed I was the only boy in Baltimore that had to go to summer school for Sexual Education. I knew nothing...

Rock On

“Bowtie” Bob Nelson at The 8x10 Whether you’re wondering if the baby’s going to sleep through the night or crossing your fingers she’ll make it...

New Books by Baltimoreans

’Til the Well Runs Dry (Henry Holt), Lauren Francis-Sharma’s first novel, is a sweeping multi-generational, multi-cultural tale. Set in Trinidad and the U.S., the...

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Beach House. This dream pop duo is Baltimore’s most popular band, big enough to fill the 2,500-seat Modell Center at the Lyric last year. Guitarist Alex...

Cinema Paradiso A longtime fan's homage to the Maryland Film Festival.

Fifteen years ago, I attended my first-ever Maryland Film Festival —and several extraordinary things happened. First and foremost, Chris Noth (of “The Good Wife”...