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Baltimore Style’s Arts coverage includes the latest news on local artists, musicians, exhibits, museums and more.

1 art peoples photographer

98,000. THAT’S HOW MANY PEOPLE follow Martha Cooper on Instagram. A 2013 retrospective of her work titled “Street Signs” at the Palazzo Incontro in Rome drew lines stretching around the block. “In all my years in Rome I’ve never seen an exhibition more crowded,” wrote photo historian Jessica Stewart. A …

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The Jazz Singer We caught up with Molly Ringwald to ask about her first jazz CD, her international tour (coming to Baltimore!) and what it was like working with beloved Brat Pack film director John Hughes.

By the age of 3, you were already performing on stage with your dad. Do you remember those days? Very well. All my earliest memories tend to be focused around music and singing. I really thought for most of my childhood that’s what I was going to do when I grew …

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The Cat’s Pajamas We asked soul sensation Bosley Brown to shed the '60s slim-cut suit and stage persona—and reveal what really motivates him to get out of bed in the morning.

STYLE: Tell me something totally uncool about you. Bosley Brown: I learned early on that I can’t try to look sexy. I did that for my driver’s license and I look like a serial killer. What was “Baby Bosley” like at Gilman? A wallflower. I’m shocked. You’re such a showman. …

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5. Brains weird science

Until last year, Thomas Dolby had never spent much time in Baltimore. But when his “Invisible Lighthouse” tour brought him through Charm City, he decided to have dinner at a restaurant by the harbor, followed by a sunset stroll down the cobblestone streets of Fells Point. “I was really enamored …

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Expect the Unexpected

Empty space. New building. Lots of foot traffic. Stone’s throw from the light rail. What to do? You could be forgiven for letting your imagination run wild. Or, if you’re Jeanine Turner and Jeffrey Kent, you could tame that imagination, harness it and put its products out there for all …

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2 theatrr putting down roots

Ian Gallanar had a PROBLEM with Shakespeare. He didn’t connect with the Bard—at least early on. “I thought it was for smart people,” he tells me, pushing his glasses up his nose. In his high school English class, “everyone else seemed to be nodding a lot. They seemed to get …

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I love Ben Affleck, who keeps getting kicked out of casinos for counting cards. I don’t really understand what it means—or how you can control what humans do with their brains. Whenever you get down in a deck—meaning you’ve seen enough hands—it’s really just a plus/minus system. So when the …

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Faking It Two local artists conducted the perfect culture-jamming experiment—hijacking Victoria's Secret's identity to create a conversation about sexual consent.

MICA fiber arts grads Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle landed on Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People” list for an elaborate “panty prank”—where they pretended to be Victoria’s Secret launching a line of PINK consent-themed underwear bearing slogans like “No Means No” and “Ask First”—in support of FORCE: Upsetting Rape …

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5. Brains write on

1. What is your background and how did you find such a lasting fit at UB? I graduated from The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins and started teaching in local schools. When I landed at UB, I was so taken with the diversity of students—most of whom had full-time jobs …

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