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Baltimore Style’s Arts coverage includes the latest news on local artists, musicians, exhibits, museums and more.

Look Books Next to your Pinterest-worthy terrariums and Anthropologie vases should be at least one (if not all) of these six sexy coffee table books.

Relive some of Vogue’s greatest moments in Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, the book that chronicles the famously visionary creative director Grace Coddington (Phaidon, $150). Cabin Porn by Zach Klein—hey, get your head out of the gutter—is a serene photo meditation on the great outdoors (Little Brown, $18). …

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Playing Solitaire

We’ve all seen one at some point: a lone rowhome in a now-vacant lot, resistant to the forces that demolished its neighbors. These houses, whether monuments to socio-economic devastation or the will to survive (or both), are the subjects of artist Ben Marcin’s “Last House Standing” photography series. “My intention …

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Reality Check What's the meaning of real life in 2015? Baltimore-based fiction writer Kathy Flann lets us have it-in formidable short story form.

Goucher professor Kathy Flann’s second collection of stories, “Get a Grip”—released last month through Texas Review Press—recalls the hilariously hyperbolic energy of an early T.C. Boyle meets Lorrie Moore’s angst-ridden, comically absurd population. But Flann’s own lilting, funny/angry/astute music finally makes such comparisons simplistic. I should say that I know …

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Ghost World

Let’s talk about our strong personal connections to biodiversity and climate change. No takers? Okay, let’s talk about our strong personal connections to peanut butter. Chocolate. How about Atlantic codfish?  Memories stirring? Good. That’s exactly what artist/creator Miriam Simun wants when you participate in GhostFood, a food truck sponsored by …

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For Art’s Sake With fewer donor dollars at the ready, local arts organizations are putting most of their creative energy into staying afloat.

Eight million dollars. That’s how much money three local artists need to make their dream a reality. In spring 2014, Carly Bales, performer and co-founder of the local EMP artist collective, Evan Moritz, co-founder of the Baltimore Annex Theater, and Ric Royer, a veteran performing artist and curator/organizer who recently …

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Identity and Paradox

When D.C.-based artist Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi starts a new piece, she lays a wood panel on the floor of her studio and pours paint on it. She has to move quickly to level the paint and contain it on the panel. The process is physical, fast and unpredictable. She then …

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Taking Flight When it's really good, fiction transports us to another time and place--when it's great, another self. Here, three talented emerging writers from the University of Baltimore MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing program share short shorts about love and lust, despair and freedom. Read them and let yourself go...

Birds and Other Things We placed in Our Hearts By Timmy Reed After our chests hollowed out, we filled them with birds. Humans all over the planet filled their ribcages with birds to simulate their hearts, which had shrunken over generations, finally disappearing altogether. We had evolved past having hearts …

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