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Baltimore Style’s Arts coverage includes the latest news on local artists, musicians, exhibits, museums and more.

Special Delivery Hopkins doc Tim Amukele has a solution for transporting blood in infrastructure-challenged poor nations: drones.

Two years ago, Tim Amukele fielded a curious proposal from a medical student referred to him by a colleague. At the time, Amukele—a pathologist, who, among his multiple Johns Hopkins Medicine-related duties, directs clinical laboratories at Hopkins-affiliated hospitals in both Malawi (Southeast Africa) and Uganda (East Africa)—was pondering the conundrum …

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Reality Star 7 Questions for turkey farmer Valerie Lafferty.

At 67-acre Springfield Farm in Sparks, Baltimore County, Valerie Lafferty, 49, and her extended family ride herd on approximately 750 turkeys, about 200 of which are Narragansetts, a heritage breed, including 60 (55 hens, five toms) kept for reproductive purposes, with the others sold for their meat. The farm also …

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Might As Well Jump The Pennsyvania Hunt Cup is Nov. 6.

Most casual attendees—aka, the non-horsey set—of springtime’s annual Maryland Hunt Cup probably don’t realize that steeplechasing continues through the summer and fall with stops in the South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, before concluding in November with the Colonial Cup in South Carolina. Two weeks earlier comes the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup, a …

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Addicted to Jane Serious, imperious and occasionally delirious, the Jane Austen Society of North America gathers annually.

They call themselves—proudly, affectionately and, perhaps, with a wink—Janeites: the 5,000 members of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA), whose devotion to the works and life of the late-18th/early-19th century English novelist borders on the obsessive. And each year since 1979, the Janeites, with representatives from the society’s …

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Inside Track Meet the complex, illusory work of M. Voelker.

On initial glance, M. Voelker’s sculptures—variously hued, carefully constructed and apparently multi-pieced—appear to be made of metal or wood, resembling extraordinary Erector Set or Lincoln Logs structures. On closer examination, however, they reveal themselves as something wholly unexpected: thoughtful, inventive ceramics, such as the rollercoaster-like “Blank Verity” or the milk-crate-devouring-a-xylophone …

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