Brush Up STYLE staffers try out new looks, just in time for holiday parties.


The week we were scheduled for staff makeovers found me with the perfect trifecta of blemish in need of cosmetic assistance: The dry fall weather had turned my eyes red. My sick cat was waking me up in the middle of the night and adding bags to the bloodshot. And something had irritated my skin so that there was a tiny constellation, a Little Dipper of acne, on my jawline.

This rivaled the time my daughter fell off the bed and smacked herself in the face, self-inflicting her own black eye two days before elementary school photos.

Ah, timing is everything. So is foundation. A lip gloss with a nice sheen for the winter months. Mascara. And the right shade of eye shadow is not too shabby, either.

In the spirit of giving, four STYLE staff members – associate publisher Jeni Mann, staff writer Kimberly Uslin, intern Autumn Dalton and myself – agreed to let beauty editor Owen Michael O’Donnell give us new looks for two reasons. First, as annoying as it can be to assume that everything that we like ourselves is of interest to our readers, we knew we shared one thing in common. Like you, we all want to look like our best selves. We are different ages, have different beauty needs and definitely different styles, so we hoped in our varying questions for Owen you would find answers to your own.

A word about Owen: He is an entrepreneur who always knows what’s going on and is truly one of the most connected people I know. Owen owns social media. Except during our makeovers, when, brush in hand, he dabbed, blended and highlighted with the concentration of other artists making their work take shape before them. I got a makeover, but also a fresh look at why he likes to do what he does.

As for my look, Owen used Kevyn Aucoin’s Ethereal Eye Corrector and loose shimmer shadow in Candle Glow and Topaz. He recommended Clinique’s All About Eyes rollerball cream and sticking with amethyst or bronze tones for shadow.

Jeni, too, wanted some product advice: “I’ve been doing my makeup the same way for 15 years and I don’t do a lot of makeup as is. I am a woman in my 50s and my look has to change, but I don’t want to look like Grandma.”

Owen’s offerings for her included Kevyn Aucoin’s Essential Neutral Eye Pallette and his volumizing mascara. To perk up her features, he used the brand’s Ethereal Liquid Foundation and Celestial Highlighter.

To see the rest of our makeovers  grab a copy of STYLE today. For a chance to win your own, click HERE.

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