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Stop Breathe Think

Stop, Breathe & Think.
Skip the therapy sesh and find inner Zen right on your smartphone. Created by Tools For Peace—a nonprofit dedicated to emotional and social intelligence, as well as professional success—this app is designed to enliven the mind through meditation and emotional guidance. It asks you to assess your current state of mind, then provides relevant meditations to bring you to a place of equilibrium. Available free in the App Store, Google Play and via web for your computer.

Consider it spring cleaning for your inbox. Created by Baltimore-based 410 Labs, this email management service enables you to clear out clutter (one gleeful reviewer boasted deleting 22,000 duds in 30 minutes) and successfully unsubscribe from junk email lists—shrinking your inbox to…wait for it…ZERO. Worried about privacy? We feel you. Mailstrom doesn’t read your personal emails, or sell your data. It sorts emails by finding patterns in subject lines. Free trial (up to 5,000 emails). After that, $5 per month.


Prepare for some gross self-awareness. This app keeps track of how many times you check your phone a day—and even points out, via GPS, where your phone-checking habit (i.e., addiction) occurs most. The bathroom? Maybe. Another great app in this category is Moment, which boasts a family version that can track your entire household’s screen time across multiple devices—and helps you schedule down times for family dinners or game nights. Moment, available free in the App Store. Checky, available free in the App Store and Google Play.

1 Minute Desk Workout.
This app allows you to de-stress during office hours, featuring more than 45 exercises and a “secret mode” that keeps things discreet. Did we mention it will remind you when it’s time to take a breather and stretch? Perfect for those die-hard desk jockeys who never take a break. Available free in the App Store.


Officially the smartest jewelry ever. These 18K matte gold rings—featuring precious and semi-precious stones (we love the Black Onyx) —sync to an app on your smartphone, so you can decide which notifications are worth knowing about in real time—and which to ignore. So when your babysitter texts you during dinner, the ring vibrates softly, but when your old college roommate invites you to play Candy Crush, you won’t be bothered. Hallelujah. $195 to $260.

Procrastinators, meet your new best friend. This simple-to-use app enables you to create a to-do list, then set up a timer for completing each task. When time runs out, 30/30 moves on to the next task—and hopefully you do, too. Plus, you can schedule in much-needed brain breaks after serious crunch times. Our favorite feature? The “gesture-based” interface. Just keep it clean, people. Available free in the App Store.


Make the airport your happy place, seriously. Created by Trip Advisor, this app keeps you updated on the latest info about your flight. We’re talking gate changes, delays, layover adjustments, even security wait times. The app also allows you to navigate through the airport using maps, and check out the amenities closest to you. Just say no to the Cinnabon. Available free in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

My Migraine Triggers.
Like MyFitnessPal for headaches, this Excedrin-funded/neurologist-developed app helps identify what leads to migraines by tracking daily activities, diet and stress levels. The most unique aspect of this app is its ability to email or print out charts of the collected information to share with your doctor. Available free in the App Store. 


BRB App.
A hands-free app we’ve been waiting for. Originally created to reward employees for safe driving practices, it’s great for personal use, too. When you and your friends and family install the BRB app, you can customize an automated message to be sent while driving to let others know you’re occupied (and not giving them the silent treatment). It also turns off incoming alerts and calls so you aren’t tempted to peek or answer while on the road.


Find a home for you—and your car. Local real estate agents Ronald Monk and Nick Hardisty created this brand-spanking-new app that only shows you urban homes with off-street parking spots on the market. (Where was this guy when we moved to Canton?) Filter results according to your preferences—home type, price, location, etc.—then score turn-by-turn directions so you can take a peek at each property. Plus, request more info and schedule viewings effortlessly from your phone. Available free in the App Store and Google Play.

Now available in 37 markets, the Charm City-born food delivery app lets you score naughty treats (think Chick-fil-A waffle fries), haute hangover helpers (say, the Scrappledelphia sandwich from Shoo-Fly) or even a romantic dinner for two (from the likes of Fleet Street Kitchen or Bond Street Social) without even leaving your couch. Our current go-to: Sofi’s Crepes for our weekly “Scandal” watching party with the girls. Delivery fee, up to $4.99.

For $10 you can “ground” yourself from the Internet for up to eight hours a day. A favorite of authors Zadie Smith and Nick Hornby (which makes it good enough for us), this productivity-focused software temporarily blocks your computer’s Internet access, so you can lay off Facebook-stalking your ex and (finally) finish that big business report or your first novel. And, yes, if there’s an emergency, just reboot.

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