Ann Costlow, Owner, Sofi’s Crepes


Ann CostlowThe name Sofi comes from … my dog who at that time was paralyzed and had a cart to get around. That never slowed her down or depressed her, and she rolled through life with joy and exuberance.   

My favorite crepe is … the Bananarama (peanut butter, banana, honey and granola)

The biggest celebrity to eat one of my crepes was … Kevin Bacon.

Ted Kennedy was … a fantastic person. But to be honest I was raised with an Irish Catholic grandmother with a picture of the pope and John Kennedy in the living room.

One of my jobs in Ted Kennedy’s office was to … update his personal address book. I had to call all these celebrities like Peter Lawford and Burt Lancaster and make sure the phone numbers were correct.

The person I look up to the most is … Joe Wear, the president of the first company I ever worked for 34 years ago. He exemplifies honorability and class in every way.

Cooking on The Pride of Baltimore II taught me … that dry socks are more important than money.

To be a successful cook on a boat you have to … learn how to use your leftovers. You use fresh food first, then the frozen food, then the canned food—then you’re out of food. You have to learn how to provision.

My dream for my business is … to see a Sofi’s Crepes in Paris.

The greatest advice anybody has ever given me is … never give up.

The greatest advice I could give is … never give up.

The key to being an entrepreneur is to … think outside the box.

The most unique crepe anybody ever ordered was … about eight years ago a 10-year-old boy ordered a ham-and-chocolate crepe. He was ahead of his time!

The key to a good crepe is … fresh batter. And the ingredients have to be spread to the end so you get a little bit of filling in every bite.

For my next business venture I would like to … what next business venture?  I’ve got 10 more years, then I’ll retire somewhere super fun!

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