Admit It: You’d Love To Be On Trading Spaces


From 2000 to 2008, TLC’s hit show Trading Spaces traveled around the country offering average Joes the chance to get a room in their house completely redone by a team of professional designers and contractors—on a $2,000 budget and a 2-3 day deadline, no less. The catch? They had to entrust the work to their next-door neighbors, while they in turn helped makeover a room in the neighbors’ home.

Trading Spaces had it all. The DIY appeal of a home improvement show, the fast-pace of a game show, and best of all, the emotional drama of reality television. Some neighbors fell in love with their new rooms. Some utterly fell apart upon seeing the makeovers. Some were on the fence, unsure of their new interior design. One thing is certain: Each expert designer on the show had distinct style and expressive tastes, and the homeowners’ reactions were anything but predictable.

Now, nine years after Trading Spaces ended, TLC has announced a brand-new season (set to air in 2018) and is casting neighbor duos in three cities: Los Angeles, Atlanta, and… wait for it… BALTIMORE!

Host Paige Davis is happy to return to her DIY-drama stomping grounds, too.

“I am back at TLC, back home, back where I belong, and I am so thrilled,” the ever-beaming Davis shared in a video posted by TLC on July 25. She went on to encourage “the lucky three cities” to submit their applications online for a chance to participate in the show.

You are your partner are perfect for Trading Spaces if:

-you live in the Baltimore area
-you own your home
-you have a set of neighbors who own their home
-you are friends or acquaintances with said neighbors
-you each have a room that you’d be willing to have completely redesigned
-you can handle a few days of hard labor
-you appreciate a good surprise

Go online to to submit your application today!

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