Joey Codespote, a senior at Atholton High School in Columbia, wanted a unique prom look.

“This was our last high school prom, so we wanted to go out with a bang before graduation” Joey says.

He found something explosive: a blue and white, diamond-checkered suit, “The Bavarian,” that matched his date, Faith Chisholm’s, baby blue gown.

Joey’s friend Kevin Silverstein found the look on a website, Opposuits, after a quick Google search for “wacky suits.” The two seniors gathered a group of friends and all of them ordered a different and colorful suit from the website.

Prom night came and the looks were a hit.

“Prom was a lot of fun,” Joey says. “Everyone loved the suits and thought they were really cool.”

Joey Codespote, left, bottom row, and classmates

The company

Opposuits is a Netherlands-based company founded by three friends who came up with the idea for the zany suits while backpacking through Vietnam in 2012, the website says. The wacky designs and flashy colors have attracted the attention of suit-wearers across the globe and their current collection includes more than 100 designs, including one emblazoned with dollar bills, and one featuring a Christmas-themed R2-D2.

What did the parents think?

“The suit cost $99, which is less than what we paid for a rented tuxedo for prom last year,” says Joey’s mom, Suzanne Codespote. “Plus he now owns it.”

Jim Codespote admits he was a little concerned what Joey’s date might think. But Joey assured him that she approved of the idea. While all of the suits were bright and fun, plus washable – “you can’t beat that”, Suzanne Codespote says – she adds that “I am, of course, partial to Joey’s, because it was perfect with his red hair and blue eyes.”

Is that a recommendation?  “I had never even heard of it until Joey told me, but it was fun and they all looked great!” Jim says.

Photos by Jim Codespote

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