Welcome to September

Empire apples | Image via Flickr by Gallant’s Photography

Apples are the sweetest part of the fall harvest. Although available in the market throughout the year, the apple harvest season lasts from September through November, and it is then that this crisp, sweet, slightly tart fruit is at its best.

There are as many kinds of apples as there are ways of eating them — and each variety has a flavor and texture that suits it for a particular purpose. Some apples are best for pies, some for applesauce. Others need nothing more than a wash and a polish — perfect for an out-of-hand snack.

Crimson-tinged Empire apples are an excellent all-purpose apple: Used in cider as well as pie, they also make a tempting display at an outdoor feast.

You can experience the freshest apples of the season by picking your own at apple orchards in the Baltimore area.

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