Weekend Fun, What to do April 23-26


It’s Thursday, and we are all ready for the weekend. After long hours and late nights, it’s almost time to shift into self-care mode and get to relaxing. But, instead of collapsing onto the couch for a weekend-long marathon of whatever show we’ve been binge-watching, let’s try these fun ideas instead.


Learn a new language

Sign language, Spanish, French, whatever you’re trying to learn, YouTube and Duolingo have the tools to get you there.

Write a letter to a loved one

Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

Remember when this was the norm? Let’s bring it back!

Organize your life Marie Kondo style.

Reorganize your makeup, clothes, pantry, etc. Out with the old, in with the new. If it doesn’t immediately bring you joy, toss it.

Play Football Workouts

NFL’s Play Football YouTube channel has 10 to 20-minute workouts for the athletes in your life. Predictably no-frill, they offer core exercises, strength training, push-ups and squats, and more if you want a workout with a little brawn this weekend.


Grab a Fiesta Pack

Yes, we could use a party in a box right about now. The staff at Creative Alliance have been coming up with all sorts of great ways to keep folks entertained and to keep a little art in their days. Hats off to them—we love their spirit. One example: their Fiesta Packs, which include a piñata-making essentials, along with instructions, as well as instructions and supplies to make paper flowers. Adult beverages can be added to the Fiesta Packs for those grown-up celebrations. Proceeds benefit the Creative Alliance’s Artesanas program.

Get Moving

Sunday is for you and your own self-care. Movement Lab in Remington is hosting an array of classes online. Offerings range from afro-modern, meditation, jazz dance party, nia and more. This is the place to check out options not offered by the local gym and bring something new to your routine.

More Animal Cams

Photo from the Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo is not the only zoo providing a front-row seat to the animal kingdom. The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has a giant panda cam and a cheetah cub cam. The renowned San Diego Zoo has a polar bear cam, a koala bear cam, a butterfly cam, an elephant cam and more. Rainy weather, be damned. Your child can have a zoo visit right from your couch.


More Animal Stuff

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York regularly makes the list of best museums for children. Check out their online activities including an animal track match and a video about koi ponds. There are also instructions for making a cool koi pond collage.

Support local business by ordering take-out

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


Check out our list of local businesses to support here. 


Have a Virtual Museum Day

Sunday has always been a good museum day, hasn’t it? Make breakfast, read the Sunday paper, go for a stroll and then check out the Baltimore Museum of Art’s YouTube channel and see the work of Valerie Maynard, Jo Smail and more. The British Museum in London and Guggenheim Museum in New York are also offering tours.

Take a virtual tour of the Winchester Mystery House

Photo by CNN

Who loves a good mystery? Check out the secrets and history behind this famous house.  Fun fact: The 2018 movie “Winchester,” starring Helen Mirren, is based on this home.

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