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SIT AND SPIN. “What doesn’t challenge you fails to make you stronger,” says instructor extraordinaire Jessie Benson as she gears up her five students for our next round of tabatas (tuh-BA-tas), a high-intensity training method created by an Olympic speedskating coach. We aren’t on the ice, but rather in an 82-degree pool at Brick Bodies’ downtown location, trying out a brand-new Aqua Spin class—an exclusive offering in the Baltimore area. We propel the pedals of our fancy, Italian-made H20 bikes, as our heart rates rise to about the same level we would achieve on land. Bonus? It’s gentler on our joints—and our behinds.

Get wet—and sweat—in an Aqua Spin class at Brick Bodies’ downtown location.

“Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, Aqua Spin is a great cross-training option for athletes who are recovering from an injury or just looking for a great cardio workout without all the stress,” says Benson, who also takes us through a series of upper-body exercises with foam free weights—all the while strengthening our core as we work to stabilize ourselves against the wake. “Plus, it’s just a fun option for anyone who loves group fitness—and sweating in the water.” Single class, $15-$18. Packages available. 410-547-0053, http://www.brickbodies.com.

WATERFRONT WELLNESS. Only a Balti-moron would miss a chance for fun, free fitness in the heart of Charm City—courtesy of the Waterfront Partnership. Weather permitting, hop over to West Shore Park (400 block of Light St., by the Maryland Science Center) for a “double feature” of fitness classes held most weekends between May 24 and Aug. 31. Start your Saturday with Boot Camp (8 a.m.) taught by a rotating bevy of our favorite instructors, then shake your booty in the sunshine at Zumba (9 a.m.). On Sundays, join the bendable bodies from Charm City Yoga for an energizing stretch session (8 a.m.) then dare to try Parkour (9 a.m.), a hard-core workout based on military obstacle course training. We’re sore already. Bring your own mat and a big ol’ bottle of water or Gatorade. http://www.waterfrontpartership.org

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