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To curve or not to curve? That is the question. Shapely TV screens seem to have skyrocketed in the last year with bigger (and presumably better) models coming to market, like the LG OLED TV above. (Wonder if it comes with “Sex Panther” cologne?) Priced at $2,500 to $9,000, curved TVs are giving flat-screens a run for their money. But are they worth yours?

The Pros: “The main benefit is that there’s almost no distortion in the picture from any reasonable viewing angle,” says Kevin Luskin, owner of The Big Screen Store, which has 16 locations in Maryland and Virginia. “If you’re watching it from the center, it’s more immersive. Movie theater screens are actually curved, not flat.” Other fans of the technology say images appear sharper at the edges and have more depth, almost like watching 3D without those annoying glasses.

The Cons: Experts seem to disagree over whether curved TVs exacerbate or reduce reflections. But most say you have to sit in the “sweet spot” (smack dab in the middle) to fully appreciate their technological wonders. (So much for your next “Game of Thrones” viewing party.)

The Upshot:
If you’re really geeking out over curved TVs, go big. You’ll notice the seating position issue less on a larger model. And, really, can a TV ever be too big? Luskin, no surprise, says no way. “A 14-by-18-foot room can easily handle a 78-inch set,” says the Samsung dealer—and that happens to be the exact size of his favorite model, the Samsung UHD 4K Smart LED TV ($6,000). Want to one-up him? He’ll by carrying a new 88-inch version sometime this summer. —Ian Zelaya



We’re Emmy-buzzing over Ben Mendelsohn, who plays black sheep to Kyle Chandler’s good son in this addicting (and chilling) Netflix original.

Hell’s Kitchen hath no fury like Ben Affleck when Marvel revived its nearly left-for-dead franchise with a red-hot new Netflix series.

Texas Rising
History (channel) fires off a star-studded eight-part mini-series premiering Memorial Day. (Watch for Maryland native Johnathon Schaech.)

Veep: Season 4
We pledge allegiance to Patton Oswalt, who charmed us all when he was filming with our (wannabe) BFF “JLD” for HBO this year. —Jessica Bizik

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