They get hair all over everything. They track in this or bring in that. They aren’t always up to speed on good manners and style. We aren’t talking husbands. So why do so many hotels allow “him” but not our cute, furry pets? We set out to find the reason, but instead we found a whole slew of great places to take the pups and cats on vacation. And, yep, he can come, too… if he promises not to throw the towels on the floor this time.

> the safest bet
Any Kimpton Hotel.  Hotel Palomar, Hotel Monaco, Topaz Hotel, Hotel Rouge, Hotel George, Ink48, 70 park avenue hotel, etc.— no matter which hotel you choose under the Kimpton name, you’re guaranteed a welcome sign for your pet, and there’s no extra charge.  Not only will your dogs and cats be called by name, but under the “Hospetality Unleashed” pet packages, furry friends will be spoiled with their own bowls, chew toys, beds, door signs to alert other guests and staff that your pet is in the room, collars, leashes, umbrellas, toys, eco pet products, pet-friendly magazines and treats. Plus, there are no fees, special deposits, weight or size limits. And for those who want their animals to be walked or given a spa treatment, some of the hotels (such as Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, Va., and The Muse in New York City) have pet ambassadors who are there to tend to all your pet’s needs.

> Bo knows washington
For those who want to get close to Barack Obama’s dog Bo, the nation’s capitol has plenty of Kimpton hotels, but just as exciting is the four-star Sofitel on Lafayette Square. Why? It’s a French hotel with a very French staff, and the French love animals!  Don’t be surprised to see the staff bending over backward to bring your pet little nibbles from the kitchen, or to let it sneak under a table at Le Bar (although we’ve seen it happen, it isn’t really allowed— but, well, they’re French!). Just steps from the Mall, plan a full day of traipsing from one monument to the next with your pup, or walk toward the Potomac and cross over into Alexandria, where many cafes have jumped on the “doggy menu” bandwagon. Grab a coffee and a bowl of milk and stay a while. There’s a $50 pet fee. Sofitel on Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C.

> paws in midtown
Dream Hotel is a luxury boutique in the heart of midtown Manhattan that has enough quirky, whimsical modernity that even your cat will understand that this is the cool place to go. Their Chopra Center Ayurvedic Spa has aromatherapy and massages that will keep you calm, while your cat waits for you to come back and play yarn ball, and your dog waits for you to take it just a few blocks down the way to Central Park— the ultimate NYC dog experience. After a long run in the park, come back and dine at one of the four restaurants, or call in for room service. The hotel charges $50 for pets. Dream Hotel, 210 W. 55th St., New York City.

> philadelphia freedom
Before it was Philadelphia ringing in our independence, it was the Lenape Indian village of Shackamaxon. And what the Lenape knew about greenery is what will be most important to your pet, so highly recommended is the Rittenhouse Hotel on verdant Rittenhouse Square. There’s a $50 fee for each animal, but animals are treated sweetly, and there are plenty of sitter services at the ready to take your pet for a walk around the square or town if you’re out and about looking at the museums. Plus, they’ll come scratch kitty behind the ears. If you want to go out walking with your pet, all the scenic trails in Fairmount Park ( lead right up to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Schuylkill Trail (which links Philadelphia to Valley Forge), and as long as your dog is leashed, you can both take in extensive sunshine. Rittenhouse Hotel, 210 W. Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa.

> bow-wow by the boats
Dogs and cats are not only welcome at Loews, but they have their own gourmet room service menus, and their food is prepared by an award-winning master chef. After din-din, kitties get their own litter boxes (and litter) and pooper scoopers, and pups get doggie doo-doo bags. Other amenities include leashes, collars, pet placemats, dog-walking routes, water bowls, treats, rawhide bones, catnip and scratch poles and specialized bedding.  And if you want more, call down for the pet-walking and pet-sitting services. With all this excitement in-house, you’ll probably forget to explore Annapolis and its incredible water scenes. Oh, well. There’s always next time. (Pet fee: $25.) Loews Annapolis Hotel, 126 West St., Annapolis, Md.

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