Time and Place


Glancing at Regina Tumasella’s colorful art, it’s plain to see that they’re landscape paintings. Upon closer inspection, however, that simple fact becomes far less clear; the works aren’t actually representations of serene seasides or green valleys, but rather abstract works that seem to suggest these scenes. (Or, as her official artist bio states, “paintings [that] clearly recall landscapes while remaining almost wholly abstract.”)

Tumasella, 41, graduated from MICA with a degree in painting and now lives in Charles Village. Though the city isn’t known for its lush views of the natural world, it doesn’t particularly matter to her.

“My paintings are more of a combination of places, more of an internal recollection of a time and place,” she says. “Conceptually, I think of my current paintings as emotional landscapes. I’m constantly trying to uncover [them], mapping my perceptions through the mingling of colors and paint.”

The result resonates: Tumasella was featured in a “New York Times” article profiling Baltimore artists and has appeared in galleries from California to Catonsville.

Despite this outward success, however, her work remains grounded in her own mind.

“It’s a conversation between old and new,” she says, “between my being in that space, the memory of it, and the surface. I think a lot about composition. I’m not controlled by it, but I’m always thinking about the push and pull of the surface. I’m always working to continually arrive at a more clear vision of place and time.”

The only thing she’s not thinking about? The people who might fall in love with her art and bring it into their homes.

She laughs. “I think they’d come out really horribly [if I did].”

> Tumasella’s work is available for purchase at Bozzuto Greene Art in Lutherville and bozzutogreeneart.com. To see more of her emotional landscapes, visit tumasella.com and on Instagram @tumasellart.

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