Sun Care for Hair


As summer continues, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves. It’s common knowledge that the sun can do extensive damage to our skin, but what most people don’t think about, is that the sun can do similar damage to our hair.

One thing to keep in mind for healthy summer hair is the less heat the better, says Nida Sayed, a hair care and styling expert at Columbia’s Nidali Beauty. Your hair is already getting heat from the sun, she says, so less heat in the summertime is ideal. If you have to use heat for stying, always spring for a heat protectant with SPF.

Think sunscreen is just for your skin? Think again. Beauty companies such as Aveda and Clarins have created oils to protect your hair from the sun, the same way sun blocks protect your skin. And many consumers love using them.

Sunflower seed oil acts as a natural moisturizer for the hair, and during the summer months can also help to reduce frizz. On top of that it, works as a natural growth stimulant.

To avoid excess oil production, Sayed says during summer it is best to wash your hair less often than usual.

Lastly, to eliminate frizz and cut back on styling time during the humid summer months, consider having a Keratin treatment. Treatments typically last six months to a year and costs start at $200, depending on hair texture and length. Keratin fans say it’s good for summertime, because it relaxes  hair, cuts out frizz and significantly decreases styling time.

Though hair can often be an afterthought as you jump in and out of the pool, taking care of your hair is important, especially during these hot months.

Here’s to staying frizz-free!



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  1. Great article! Protecting our hair from the sun is often overlooked but so important. The DIY hair mask recipe is a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips!


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