Size Doesn’t Matter



In the city, space is essential, whether you’re on the interstate, in an overfilled light rail car or even at home. Interior designer Elizabeth Reich, of Jenkins Baer Associates, Inc., proves this point with her Baltimore Bachelor Pad pictured above.

The 820-square-foot condo doesn’t boast an expansive floor plan and it doesn’t need to. With Reich’s creative additions—new flooring, custom drapery and a new wall—the studio’s space is maximized without feeling cluttered or crowded.

The owner, Iven, asked Reich to create a space that was masculine, inviting, cozy and warm. “Working in small spaces can be challenging, but we came up with a floor plan that gave the client everything he asked for and made the overall studio feel more spacious,” Reich said.

To maximize the space, Reich installed a wall for the flat-screen TV between the bedroom and living room, simultaneously creating a place for the custom sofa on the opposite wall. In the bedroom, this additional wall provided a home for a new beautiful dresser, providing the room an additional focal point.


Reich decided to leave three feet of clearance on each side of the wall—by not installing doors—to keep from losing the open, spacious sense of the condo. Custom, floor-to-ceiling drapery was also added to the tub area to provide more privacy.

Limited space does not have to mean limited living. Strategic design can create a feeling of openness and artfulness.


>> Paint a single wall or entryway with a vibrant color to create distinct areas without losing square footage.

>> Create a sense of grandeur with floor-to-ceiling curtains or large glass furnishings.

>> Choose furnishings that are both decorative and functional, like a leather ottoman that doubles as storage.

>> Use fewer but bigger pieces of furniture to fill a space without cluttering it.

>> Built-ins and storage nooks can customize your home and fill your specific needs.

>> Think vertically to make use of the space between the ceiling and bookcases or cabinets.

>> Edit! You don’t have to fill every inch of your shelves. Let your stuff breathe.

Renovation by Trak Homes.

The room’s pieces were purchased or custom made through Jenkins Baer Associates, Inc.

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