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Sqyuare Chair Funky Stripes 001 (3)

As the philosopher A. Morissette might have said, isn’t it ironic … when a chair’s slinky/arty design makes you want to stand up and dance? Don’t you think? That’s no doubt why we love this minimally maximal iron chair designed by Francesco Della Femina (and handcrafted by artisans around Naples)—it’s so skinny and simple and sleek, yet marvelously well adorned in “Funky Stripes” fabric by Dedar Milano, that we almost envy the pretty little thing. Inspired by the cool, colorful, fluid backdrop of the Isle of Capri, the chair welcomes its next comely visitor with just enough soft space to sit and strike a sexy pose … just long enough for her to catch her breath between pumping techno songs. Perfect for the spring redo or your sun room—or discotheque. $2,570,

Published in the April 2016 issue of STYLE.

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