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While Sav has been extra-good about cutting down on her cake/cookie consumption (when one choco-chipper equals an hour on the treadmill, time to just say no), she just can’t resist candy (Skittles count as a serving of fruit in her book). So it should be no surprise then that her BFF Lucky Thompson has opened an eponymous Harbor East ‘pop-up’ candy boutique and website, The Best of Luck, to help satiate Sav’s sugar fix. Packed with all your faves (the kids can crack out on all the sours and gummies your nerves can handle), plus nostalgic candies (Mary Janes, Pop Rocks and Whatchamacallit, anyone?), Best of Luck is the perfect spot for party goodies and creative prezzies. No assembly-line gift baskets here: Tell Lucky what kinds of sweets your sweeties are suckers for and she’ll whip up a custom candy creation with enough whirly pops, organic licorice, chocolate-covered cookie dough bites, candy sticks, malt balls and Chunky bars to keep your nearest and dearest wired for weeks. Don’t miss: Short on time? Call in your order, then ring when you’re outside. Best of Luck offers curbside delivery! Try getting that at Wegman’s… 612 E. Exeter St., 410-244-5173,

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