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Savvy prides herself on pondering meaningful things. Recently, she wondered if, after 10 years, the cupcake trend might have finally run its course. Is now the moment for brownies to bust onto the scene? Will we get nostalgic for the days of Mrs. Fields and bring back cookies in 2011? Then she popped another bite of a Black Velvet from Midnite Confection’s Cupcakery into her mouth and thought “hell no.” New York will always have Magnolia Bakery. L.A. girls can argue all day about Sprinkles vs. Yummy Cupcakes. Baltimore? Well, now we can become consumed with Midnite’s signature cupcakes (including the namesake “Midnite,” a chocolate cupcake with a treat tucked in or the “Playboy,” a moist carrot cake cupcake with fluffy frosting). They also feature a special rotating “cupcake of the day” and “cupcake of the week,” complete with an online calendar telling you exactly which cupcakes to expect when. The treats are made daily on the premises with fabulous ingredients— the carrots are organic, the limes and lemons in the “Sublime-inal” are squeezed in the kitchen and the buttercream is made with— say it with me— real butter.

Don’t miss: The “after hours” cupcakes. Among others: the “Pina Colada” with, of course, top-shelf rum or the “Velvet Sunset,” with Grand Marnier or Kahlua. Fear not, Savvy has already begged them to figure out how to make a Hostess cupcake filled with vodka. 1051 S. Charles St., 410-727-1010

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