Baltimore The Fresh MarketSavvy just adores a fabulous grocery store. Nothing makes her heart go pitter-patter like perfectly arranged produce and 46 kinds of gourmet mustard. She’s even warmed to having to share Whole Foods with the earthy-crunchy crowd and will wrestle with the masses at Wegman’s for their prepared harvest vegetables and tasty fried chicken. The latest addition, The Fresh Market, gives her Green Spring Valley girls a new choice since the shutting of Sutton Place (overpriced and surly, good riddance). What’s good? The fresh-looking fruits and veggies, the cheerful butcher and the outstanding selection of (we all have our priorities) imported soda and cookies (try the Lorina French Lemonade and Jules Destrooper chocolate thins from Belgium, then feel free to mock). What Savvy was less impressed by? The so-so prepared food offerings, a chintzy cheese counter and the handle-less grocery bags. Not to be unkind, but she can go to Giant for that, sniff…  Don’t miss: They sell Whippets (marshmallow cookies with raspberry centers covered in dark chocolate). The name alone was certainly amusing for those of us old enough to get the joke. 2510 Quarry Lake Drive, 410-580-1930

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