Back when she was young and fabulous (and, ahem, skinny), Savvy wasfortunate to make the acquaintance of several NYC doyennes who were darling enough to gift her some fabulous pieces from Givenchy, Balenciaga and Madame Grès that had been lovingly stored in their closets. What The Clothing Warehouse is shy on in iconic names, they make up for in fun vintage treasures. Spanning the ’30s to the ’80s (you read that right, the ’80s is now vintage), The Clothing Warehouse organizes its men’s and women’s pieces by color and size (which can be tricky— Savvy’s dresses were a size 10 and she was thin enough to have slipped down a subway grate in those days). TCW has dresses galore and, for men, Mexican wedding shirts and loads of tees. Don’t miss: Their selection of cowboy boots— Savvy spotted some fabulous ostrich numbers. 1211 S. Charles St., 410-244-6554

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