Shine CollectiveSavvy always gets a little nervous when her favorite things announce they are changing (she barely survived the “new Coke” scare of ’85), but she’s in love with the new Shine Collective. Shine has always had the “collective” part down, but now it feels much more cohesive as well, retaining it’s individuality while keeping a consistent point of view. Savvy can’t wait to get a chunky statement necklace or bracelet from Draugsvold, so vintage-y yet modern. The single earrings from Gaudet are wildly original yet wearable. And while Shine still has pieces from local designers, Savvy was thrilled to see the best from fashionista darlings Rodebjer as well as Margaritasaplala. Don’t miss: Savvy scooped up armloads of the candles and home accessories by Fringe Studio and loved the offerings from those oh-so-talented MICA students. 1007 W. 36th St., 410-366-6100

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