Serves eight

6 tablespoons coarse sea salt
6 tablespoons sugar
2 2-pound pieces Icelandic salmon fillets
2 bunches fresh dill

Mix salt and sugar. Spread a layer of the mixture on the bottom of a glass or ceramic bowl. Put salmon filet skin-side up over the mixture. Atop the filet, place a layer of the mixture along with a layer of dill. Layer with the other filet (again, skin-side up), spreading another layer of the mixture and dill. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and heavy foil. Cover the foil with a very clean cotton towel before refrigerating. After two days, turn the salmon over. Then turn over every day for the next two days. After four days, discard the liquid (brine) and remove the salmon. Dry with paper towels. Put salmon skin-side down and slice paper thin. Serve with dark bread, lemon, sour cream, chopped onions, and capers.

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