Patron Saints of Grooming

Owen O’Donnell makes up smiling Sinai patient, Paula.

Saving Face

After doing some makeup sessions at About Faces for staffers from Sinai Hospital—including its president, Amy Perry—makeup artist Owen O’Donnell inquired about starting a program at the facility. “I’ve always been interested in corrective and camouflage makeup,” says O’Donnell, who adds that he would have become a nurse if he weren’t so squeamish. Twice a month, O’Donnell meets with patients, showing them what’s possible: “It always turns into this big thing when I’m there.”


Back row: the Crafted team, Dawn McKinney, Katie Robertson, Chloe Boswell, Katie Elder, and Rachel Epstein. Front row: Daniel Elder, Jr. and Vanessa Vale.

Scissors Happy

Whenever hairstylist Rachael Epstein sees someone in need, she drops everything to help. “I was once one of them,” says Epstein, owner of Crafted Hair Studio in Hampden, who donates her time and services to cut hair for the homeless. “I know what’s it like.” Now partnered with #LetsFeedTheCity, Epstein, in addition to providing free hair services, also collects clothes and food for Baltimore’s homeless community.


Published in the April 2016 issue of STYLE.

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