Ouzo Bay


If you can’t get to Greece anytime soon, Harbor East’s newest addition will bring Greece to you. Ouzo Bay offers “high-end Mediterranean with tremendous Greek influence,” says Alex Smith, the restaurant’s owner, who describes himself as “half Greek, half Smith.” “We are taking it to the next level.” All the fish served at Ouzo Bay are fresh (most are wild caught) and sold whole, grilled and by the pound to account for size variation. Rib-eye and fillet are prime. Lest this sound less than Greek, the menu is also full of familiar dishes like moussaka, spanakopita and a panoply of Greek pastry made in-house. The restaurant’s name is a nod to the 12 ouzos available on the cocktail menu and the complimentary shot of one given to each diner at the end of the meal. Opa! Open daily for dinner. 1000 Lancaster St., 443-708-5818, http://www.ouzobay.com

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