More Than a Trunk Show


Several weeks ago, I opened my inbox to find an invite to Ella Pritsker Couture’s Four Seasons Residences trunk show, put on by Weinberg and Harris.

The event promised to be “so much more than a trunk show,” and it delivered: On the night of the show, guests were welcomed into the stunning Four Seasons Residences and to a sunset-lit room filled with Ella’s latest designs (plus Champagne, elegant snacks and music).

Ella was gracious as always. After emigrating from Russia more than 20 years ago, she has become THE go-to designer of custom creations for any occasion in the Mid-Atlantic area, and she loves to share her passion with new enthusiasts of all ages at her Maryland Center of Fashion Design in Timonium.

Ella Pritsker.

Guests were encouraged to try out their favorite pieces (including offerings from Nelson Coleman, Harbor East designer Ri Noor and Bosom Buddy Bags) as they toured the residence and posed for pictures with popular photographer Julie Andersen.

As for me? I was stationed in a luxurious dressing room, touching up makeup for the ladies (and a few gentlemen) before their shots with Andersen. I couldn’t have asked for a better time–and I had quite a line!

Owen O’Donnell

Honestly, with the tremendous floor-length windows, Ella’s beautiful designs and Julie’s talent for photography, the guests didn’t need much makeup. The most popular request was to retouch lips with something to compliment Ella’s rich color palette.

When I look back at the photos, I have to wonder: Is their glow from the makeup or the evening itself?  Probably a little of both.



What’s up next on my busy calendar? Check back soon for some insider tips from a day in my life and the makeup to get you through a jam-packed 24 hours. 



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