Make Some Noise


Get ready, Baltimore—things are about to get a little loud.

This weekend, the Hippodrome Theatre presents STOMP, the famed percussion/dance/musical show that’s as impressive as it is hard to describe.

“How would I describe STOMP? It’s a musical show in which we use objects that one wouldn’t normally consider musical instruments to create music, like bags or Zippo lighters or matches,” says Krystal Renee, a performer in the show.

A good start, sure, but that’s certainly not all.

“It’s rhythmically based, and the performers are from all different backgrounds—some from dancing, some percussion, some theatre,” she adds. “We all have to learn the other skills to be a part of it.”

Renee says that STOMP is not a concert, necessarily, nor a dance showcase, and lacks the traditional storyline of a typical Broadway show. But with an international audience of more than 24 million people, the difficult-to-define experience is best described by the word put forth by its press corps: a sensation.

The descriptor is fitting—STOMP has been performed in more than 50 countries, its multifaceted message transcending language barriers (the show is nonverbal), but it also appeals to the word’s other meaning: The family-friendly show is definitely a sensory experience, with auditory and visual effects so surprising they have to be witnessed to be believed.

In short, see the show—and, as Renee says, “expect the unexpected!”

STOMP runs from March 18-19 at the Hippodrome. Get your tickets here.

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