You Fancy, Huh?


1. Trafalgar After Shave Balm by Truefitt & Hill will give you royal swagger. $48 at The QG.

2. Baby your baby face with Daily Face Wash by Baxter of California. $17 at Becket Hitch.

3. Never let ‘em see you sweat, with Vaughn V76 Barber’s Powder. $25 at About Faces.

4. Mix it up with Modern Tonic’s Beard Invigorator made right here in Baltimore. $15 at Trohv.

5. Get morning woodsy with C.O. Bigelo’s two-timing Elixer Green Hair & Body Wash. $10 at Bath & Body Works.

6. Release the Kraken with Brooklyn Grooming’s badass shaving soap, $45, in a mango wood bowl, $20 at The QG.

7. Honeybadger don’t care about this Paker shaving brush (but we do). $45 at the QG.

8. Voulez-vous Cade Shaving Cream from Provence? Just say oui! $28 at L’Occitane.

9. Don’t wash your mouth out with this rum-infused soap from Townsend Bay Soap Co. $10 at Sixteen Tons.

10. Backpackers, say “buh bye” to B.O. with Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfume. $62 at Trohv.

11. Out-cool the Fonz with a handmade comb from Baxter of California. $18 at Becket Hitch.

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