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Coach Falcon and trainees in his colorful Falls Road studio.

When Three different friends pitched us a story on Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp—one going so far as to call coach Howard Falcon an “undiscovered wonder”—we immediately laced up our Nikes for a trial class with the personal trainer, sports nutritionist and kickboxing instructor in his colorful, no-frills studio in Mount Washington. Despite barely being able to move after a brutal series of cardio/strength intervals (burpees, anyone?) we mostly remember having fun for the full hour of power. “You want to laugh through the pain,” says Falcon, who uses humor to motivate clients—coming up with fun nicknames (we worked out with “Brooklyn” and “South Jersey”) and developing a sense of camaraderie. Falcon’s “we are family” philosophy also extends to children with special needs. He offers Pilates for kids with autism to help them release stress and increase independence. $125 per month. 6302 Falls Road, 410-818-3656, http://www.believersfitnessbootcamp.com

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