Joe The Plumber


Deep down, it’s true: Men can Kegel (KAY-gle) just like everywoman else—helping to keep your pipes in tiptop shape by tightening the pelvic muscles. But how do guys do them exactly? Sit in a chair (or the driver’s seat of your car) and engage the muscles you regularly use to turn off urine flow or hold in gas in mixed company.

“Basically, you’re trying to squeeze your butt cheeks together and hold it for 10 seconds, which is not so easy,” says Dr. Brad Lerner, chief “plumber” at Chesapeake Urology, who advises his patients to strive for 100 Kegels three times a day—say, during commercials while you’re watching TV. The Mayo Clinic asserts these exercises also may improve sexual performance—OK, we’re Kegeling just thinking about that—but our hometown pro thinks that may be more psychological, like a placebo effect. Shhhhhhhh. Dr. Lerner, let’s keep that tidbit just between us.

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