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Study Abroad

It’s our fourth morning in Peru and we’re en route to Aguascalientes, the bedroom suburb for tourists visiting Machu Picchu. Everybody is psyched—this Inca ruin ranks…MORE

Island Hop

Bahamas Although technically not on the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas’ blue-green waters and pink sandy beaches will convince you otherwise. More than 2,400 islands and 700 cays beg for exploring. Nassau and Paradise Island attract the…MORE

Around The World in (almost) 80 Days

For most of my life, the world was flat to me, bounded by California on the west and Turkey on the east, the farthest points to which I’d ever traveled. Now, after 14 plane trips, eight…MORE

Waltzing Across the Atlantic

During my 35 years in the corporate world, I encountered my share of job applications. But the one I filled out in June 2009 was the first that required a dance audition and a photograph of…MORE

Following In His Footsteps

Before movies and TV became the launchpads for superstardom, explorers were the celebrities of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Along with adventurers such as Robert Peary (first at the North Pole) and Roald Amundsen (first…MORE

Well Trained

So, who’s the murderer?” I whisper to the dapper Irishman sitting next to my husband, Terry, and me in the elegant waiting room of the Budapest train station. Under most circumstances this odd question would rouse…MORE

All hail the Queen

Even though it’s July, at 3:30 in the morning it feels more like January standing on the 13th deck of the Queen Mary 2. At this ungodly hour, only 25 hearty souls are out here, some…MORE

Don’t Fence Me In

We are sitting around the campfire that first night, sipping beer and locally brewed hard cider, when all of a sudden Lindiwe, the camp cook, yells to our guide, Andrew. She speaks Shangaan, one of South…MORE

From the Black Sea to Budapest

“Under Communism,” Simona, our cruise director, told us, “we had plenty of money but there were no products. Today we have plenty of products but there is no money.” There are indeed many products for sale…MORE

The Big Chill

It’s 8 a.m., black as lava rock outside and the snow is falling in white fluffy waves. In one of two hot pots— what Icelanders call hot tubs— at Laugardalslaug, a sprawling swimming complex and spa…MORE


Enough with Jamaica. And the Bahamas, too. The Poconos? Please. If you’d prefer not to vacation with the honeymooning hordes, then read on. These 12 international destinations range from tropical beach getaways to luxury adventure safaris…MORE

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