Hotel Nirvana

In my decades of beach trips en famille, I have rented many a vacation house. Perhaps other moms can sympathize with me on the problematic aspects…MORE

Maine Without the Lobster

Pop up: A highlight of the festival was “Pop the Kennebunks,” a Moroccan-themed party under a tent on the Kennebunk River. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to shellfish. I don’t get the…MORE

Splurging in Scottsdale

The first time I visited Scottsdale, Ariz., I was in my mid-20s and catering for the rock band Tool (yeah, I know that dates me). One of my oldest friends, Sonia, and her husband had just…MORE

The Wright Stuff

Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was built in 1935. We all know that traveling involves a bit of role-play, an escape, of sorts, from the mess of one’s real life. At home, most of us…MORE

Skiing the Blues

Spring break at Crested Butte in Colorado is all blue, the deep azure of a sky against white snow so bright on a sunny day it’s nearly impossible to take it all in without a pair…MORE

Mountain Majesty

It’s like discovering a pearl in the wilderness,” says a Versace-clad woman to her dinner companions while I sip a glass of Cabernet and savor a bit of eavesdropping at Blackberry Farm. It is the perfect…MORE

Traveling with the Queen

“Since the discovery of America by Columbus, nothing has occurred of so much importance to the new world as navigating the Atlantic by steamers.” I may not have the maritime chops of shipping magnate Samuel Cunard,…MORE

Roman Holiday

Better than any other art form, film reveals the nature of the world’s great cities. Even if you’ve never visited New York, London, Paris or Tokyo, movies have very likely given you a strong sense of…MORE

Book It

On paper, Seattle isn’t unlike Baltimore—it’s a port city with a population just over 600,000 (if you omit the millions of people in the suburbs). And yet, there’s a vastness of scale we don’t have. The…MORE

Flash Dance

The minute I grasp the drumsticks—the percussion variety, not turkey—I am hooked. My inner rock star springs to life and I’m tapping everything in sight. I am not alone. Everyone is tapping right along with me…MORE

Postcards from the Edge

I’m driving north on the New Jersey Turnpike, it’s raining and I have approximately 2,000 vintage postcards of Asbury Park, N.J., in the trunk. If it sounds like I’m on a mission, I am. My father,…MORE

Music to Her Ears

Nashville makes me want to sing. Granted, my vocal skills are best heard in a car and with radio accompaniment. But in Music City, melody really is omnipresent, from the notes that tumble out of Tootsie’s…MORE

Scrapple and Shakespeare

I’d already told about 10 people in Baltimore that my husband and I were planning a visit to Staunton, Va., when a friend of mine who is from Virginia whispered in my ear, “You don’t say…MORE

It’s a Spa World, After All

I give $35 to the woman at the front desk and she hands me a shirt and shorts in convict orange and a key on a wristband with a number printed on it. “Don’t lose this…MORE

The Butler Did It

At 7:30 a.m., Stephen Sanford, my, ahem, butler, knocks on the door of my cottage, a silver tray bearing a pot of French press coffee and a paper bag of hot sugared beignets in his arms.…MORE

Miles of Tiles

At Zion Lutheran Church in downtown Baltimore, just across from City Hall, a quiet courtyard of boxwood, magnolia, crape myrtle and fig beckons office workers to stop in and take a break. It’s an enclosed green…MORE

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