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I Dreamed I Was Bookends In My Maidenform Bra!

Lisa Simeone

Friends of Glamour Girl know she is an insufferable proselytizer for the benefits of a well-fitting bra (her first article for Style, in fact, was on this very subject—sorry I can’t link to it—the vagaries of what gets on-line and what doesn’t continue to elude me—it was years ago if you have an old copy of the magazine laying around—but in the meantime you can listen to a similar report I did for NPR back in 2001). 

Anyway, my enthusiasm for beautiful, well-made lingerie hasn’t abated, nor has my delight in coming across old ads for the miraculous foundation garment.  And a few weeks ago The Hairpin reproduced a slew of them.  How can you not get transported?!

This one’s for the intellectual among us:

This one is downright bizarre:

This one reminds me of The Twilight Zone—better yet, that Carol Burnett Show episode where all the different commercials start assaulting her—Mr. Clean steps out of the wall, the Playtex Living Bra starts flying around the room—stop, I’m getting tears laughing just thinking about it (the only thing funnier was her “Gone With the Wind” skit):

Then we have this one, which was quite racy for the ‘50s/‘60s, don’t you think?

This one is dreamy, if weird:

This one is very Austin Powers (or maybe acid-tinged, or even reminiscent of Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion):

And this one is perfect for the Preakness (Corporate Village, not the infield):

(Hat-tip to Deborah for link to The Hairpin)

UPDATE:  From the Gimme A Break department:  a Dutch designer has created a bra boondoggle—apparently you wear the overpriced thing when you sleep, to prevent — get this — “cleavage wrinkles.”  You can’t make this stuff up.  Hey, ladies, here’s an idea—stay out of the sun!  That will do way more to prevent “cleavage wrinkles” than any phony-baloney gizmo like this.

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