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Henry's Bistro

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Posted by Vivian on 08/24/11 at 03:15 AM
Henry's Bistro

Poor service and terrible meals.  Visited on 2/4/10 and three of us ordered steaks.  Two of the steaks arrived and were cooked inconsistently and one was missing the jumbo crab.  Third steak was not delivered because it was “overdone”.  When it finally arrived, it was raw and accompanied by glossy and gummy looking garlic mashed potatoes (waiter said they always make them that way).  Waiter said he thought the steak might not be done - but decided to deliver it anyway?  Break never arrived and the potpie special wasn’t…  Topping was pastey white and consisted mostly of gravy.  I called the day after to talk to the owner or manager and did not get further than the bartended, who said she would make sure the manager called me back (Friday).  Given the forecast for bad weather, I said it would be fine if the owner or manager called me by Monday, was again assured I would get a call on Friday.  It is now Tuesday…  I recommend that if the kitchen is overwhelmed on a given night, tell your patrons to order sandwiches - not a steak for $20+ dollars that they cannot deliver.  We won’t be back.

Posted by Pass on the Bistro on 02/09/10 at 09:12 PM

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