If the Shoe Fits…



If you hoped to escape the election drama by attending the Hippodrome’s Broadway Series production of Cinderella, we’ve got some bad news: You won’t.

Sure, the show features plenty of magical “falderal and fiddle-dee-dee,” as the Fairy Godmother would say, but it’s not without its contemporary elements: a biting remark here, a remarkably prescient political moment there. In fact, the musical’s climax is less glass-slipper-fitting than democratic-process-instituting…all with the help of a few rabble-rousers and the kindhearted titular character.

3-220906Not to misrepresent it, of course. The Rodgers and Hammerstein favorite is as lush and charming as can be, with a delightful young cast, stunning choreography and fabulous costuming. (No spoilers, but my mouth was literally agape at a few of the on-stage transformations—keep an eye on Miss Ella.) And the song-and-dance numbers are simply lovely, especially well-known “In My Own Little Corner,” “Impossible” and “Ten Minutes Ago.”

Another of the most striking aspects was the spectacular set, designed by Anna Louizos.

“There are so many versions of Cinderella out there. We wanted to create a unique world for this production,” says Louizos. “We decided nature was very important and should permeate the locations in the show—the house, the palace, the forest. Cinderella is so connected to the outdoors and to the animals, and [the set] is constantly moving and transforming before the audience’s eyes.”

3-220903As in the traditional fairy tale, transformation is key to Cinderella’s story—though, in this production, that transformation involves far more than some glass heels and a fancy dress. In fact, even the story of the slipper is flipped upside-down to fun—and fabulously feminist—effect. (The “This Princess Saves Herself” sweatshirt on sale in the lobby serves as a sweet hint.)

Was there anything not to like? With the exception of the occasional campy moment and a bizarre, jarring first scene, I’d not say bippity-boppity-boo.


P.S. Have any gently worn formal gowns taking up space in your closet? There will be a booth at the theater accepting donations of costume jewelry, girls’ princess dresses and teen prom dresses for girls in need.


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