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When Adam and Dana Pariante decided to take the leap from New York to Baltimore, they wanted a living space that would re-create the urban atmosphere of their hometown. “We settled on Silo Point because it had that New York feel to us,” says Adam, who is originally from Brooklyn but currently runs a food distribution company in Baltimore. After touring the available condos in the building, the couple set their sights on a corner unit on the 14th floor— a 2,200-square-foot condo with two private terraces and panoramic views of the harbor.

There was one problem, however— the original kitchen was cut off from the dining room and living area. The Pariantes, who had seen a Silo model by interior designer Jay Jenkins, enlisted the designer to help them incorporate the kitchen into the rest of the space and create a more interactive environment conducive to entertaining. “Jay came in like wildfire,” says Dana. Jenkins’ first impression of the uninhabited space was how “raw” it was. “The developer had done a poor job of developing what could be a jewel in the sky,” says Jenkins.

By removing the corner walls in the kitchen, Jenkins connected the foyer to the rest of the house and opened up the main entryway. A countertop bar topped with Carrara marble overlooks the dinette and connects the kitchen to the main space, which is subtly separated into three distinct areas: dining room, living room and den.

Both Jenkins and the Pariantes shared the vision of a monochromatic neutral palette for the condo, starting with the floors, where bleached and waxed white oak, wide-board installations were placed over the original concrete. For the most part, however, the rest of the concrete in the unit was left exposed, preserving a hint of the apartment’s industrial feel.

For Adam and Dana, their new home was an important part of many new beginnings; the couple was married this past summer. After selling most of their old furniture, they purchased a variety of structured, linen-based couches and chairs with simple, square arms— all in primarily beige hues. Shying away from elaborate detailing such as skirts and trims, Jenkins selected simple silk pillows to juxtapose the matte upholstery and bring in another layer of texture. “This was truly an exercise in editing,” says Jenkins.

Throughout the condo, Jenkins aimed to create a loft-like and urban-inspired feel. In the master bedroom, this meant tearing down a narrow entryway to create an open space with an exposed closet and attached bathroom. In the master bathroom, Jenkins ran the wall tile in the shower around the adjacent wall to create consistency. “It gives a quietness to your eye and looks like part of the structure,” he says. “It’s very spa-like.”

To give the bedroom more presence amongst the clean and simple furnishings of the other rooms, the bedroom door was upholstered in quilted leather with a studded detail. The bed itself, a button-tufted interpretation of a wing chair in a gray linen and silk combination, is in sync with the rest of the Pariante home— modern and inviting.

In terms of the condo’s overall functionality, a lack of storage space seemed to be another minor setback. In the bedroom, which originally lacked a closet, a low ceiling was raised, leaving plenty of room for the three-tier exposed dressing area. The clothes, which are arranged seasonally for easy accessibility, create an eye-catching display that hangs between the floor and ceiling. To combat the storage issue in the kitchen, Jenkins installed a spacious hidden pantry.

For visiting family members and friends, the Pariantes opted to make the second bedroom a simple, cocoon-like guest room. In the powder room, Jenkins showcased the condo’s only use of wallpaper— an artistic interpretation of a stripe with damask and stencil-like qualities.

According to Adam and Dana, the condo really comes to life at night, when the intricate lighting plan and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows show off a remarkable view of the harbor. “You’re in the city, but it just feels relaxing at night,” says Adam. “It’s very calming.”

The success of the project— and the friendly relationship between the designer and clients— has almost certainly helped the couple formulate a positive attitude about their new surroundings.

“Baltimore is a more manageable, friendlier, more welcoming city,” says Adam. “People are approachable— it’s less tense.” As Dana puts it, “It feels like a breath of fresh air.” As does their elevated abode.


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Bedding  Penny Green Ltd., 410-484-0996

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