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Savvy always loves those pages in magazines where they challenge someone like Rachel Zoe to put together a smashing outfit, pulling only pieces under $100 (you can practically hear the stylist sighing in your head, like someone just asked them to scale Everest in Atwoods). Yes, the look ends up somewhat cute (and inevitably “perfect for a Saturday of running errands”) but nothing you immediately want to jump online and snag. But now imagine that page is a whole store. And the whole outfit is under $100. And you actually want it. Welcome to Hanger Alley. Have you heard of the lines? Not really. Is the jewelry from some emerging designer? No. But Savvy found a perfect, all-season belted dress that seamlessly goes from work to cocktails, then paired it with a chain and stone necklace, all for $75. Really— she could have added earrings and still been under budget. Hanger Alley feels like that store in Queens where every editorial assistant at Lucky can afford to pay retail (yes, even fashionista twentysomethings max out on sample sale insanity). To borrow a Rachel phrase, “Loves it!”  Don’t miss: The travel candles and triple-milled vegetable soaps from TokyoMilk.  2007 Fleet St., 301-485-9544

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