(Hair)Banding Together



This past Sunday morning, Marielle Anne Medeiros and Rachel Rawlings—the mother and daughter co-owners of Salon Marielle on Main Street in Ellicott City—were two of the many business owners trying to figure out how they would pick up the pieces in the wake of Saturday’s devastating flooding. Then, Rawlings got a call.

To her surprise, it was the manager of Thirty Hair in Columbia, Sarah McGee, with the extraordinary offer to share space in her salon while Salon Marielle is shut down. And while it may seem like a shocking act of generosity, in reality, McGee was returning a favor. A couple of years ago, Salon Marielle had extended the same offer to Thirty Hair stylists when their salon was between locations.

Thanks to the friendship between the two salons, the staff of Thirty Hair have gone to work making room for Salon Marielle’s stylists and customers, and the stylists of Salon Marielle expect to be back to cutting and coloring in their new, temporary home by early next week. Rawlings and Medeiros don’t know what their future holds in the long run, but right now they’re comforted in the midst of catastrophe by the generosity that they’ve found in their professional community.

H/T The Baltimore Sun.
Image courtesy of the Salon Marielle Facebook.


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