Editor’s Notes: Letter from the Editor


After spending the last two years as senior editor at STYLE, I’m excited to take the reins—and can’t wait to honor the magazine’s legacy and bring you even more of the kinds of stories that I want to see in print: think pieces, confessional and highly creative personal essays, mind-blowing interior design tours, arts news, political stories and regional, national and world travel—plus, more, more, more.

Ever since I relocated to Baltimore from Los Angeles in 2002 to study fiction writing at Johns Hopkins, I’ve been fortunate to find myself surrounded by amazing writers: reporters, novelists, memoirists and poets. In true Smaltimore fashion, these folks are now my friends. Count on me to put these writers to work to provide provocative and ultra-readable stories. My husband, Michael Yockel—incidentally, my favorite journal-ist even before we met—is my new senior editor. The guy’s good. It’s also an honor to work closely with my seasoned STYLE art director, Kim Van Dyke, and my savvy millennial staff writer Kay Wicker, who helps keep the publication timely as can be.

In this issue, I’m in love with the cover—which stars jubilant 15-year-old Jordan Brown, a pilot in the making—and the accompanying story by Melissa Gerr featuring bold regional women who take to the skies. Speaking of personalities, be sure to read up on the future of technology with visionary tech adviser Alec Ross—if anyone can, Ross might just help us outthink the machines that threaten to control us. Not that I want you to panic. No! Instead, relax in the playful Severna Park cottage decorated by Johnson Sokol Interiors—the color palette conjures a box of crayons, I swear.

As a professor of fiction and memoir writing at the University of Baltimore—I’ll con-tinue teaching in balance with my new role—I’m interested always in having authentic, lively and colorful conversations. So please stay in touch. What do you want to read?

Betsy Boyd
[email protected]

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