Charm City Chef Competes on Chopped



Last night, the Food Network aired an episode of Chopped featuring La Cuchara chef Sarah Murray. While she didn’t emerge victorious, Murray’s showing was impressive—and she more than made her city proud.

The night’s Chopped challenge was protein-based, befitting Murray’s myriad experience with meat at La Cuchara. And though she made a crucial error in the first (appetizer) round, forgetting to plate one of the basket ingredients, Murray managed to eke her way into the entree round.

She was cut after presenting her entree (due to improperly “manipulated” goat, of all things), but the judges commented on her “delicious sauce” and the “great things going on with the dish.”

Murray was understandably disappointed, but didn’t let her loss get her down. Chopped had been an exercise in proving her place in the culinary world, and at the end of the day did just that.

“Even though I didn’t win,” Murray said in her exit interview, “I think I made the right choice. I know my family is proud of me.”

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