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The first crisp, comfy fall evening arrived last week, and oh man, I could not be more excited. After one of Baltimore’s sweatiest summers on record, I’ve finally begun to once again know the joy that can come only from knowing that, despite my summer sweat-proofing tricks, my maquillage isn’t going to melt off of my face like a discarded Popsicle on the sidewalk. And nothing feels more like autumn than the unveiling of fall’s makeup trends—especially from my perennially most beloved line, Yves Saint-Laurent.

Here’s the thing about super-luxurious makeup like this: It just doesn’t feel right to buy it until you’ve lived for awhile. And although there are plenty of glosses and shadows that would doubtless be gorgeous on women of any age, everything about YSL cosmetics feels, smells and looks just so “if-you-have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it.” (I do, and I can’t, but the heart wants what it wants.)

YSL’s beauty legacy has always been over the top. The packaging is weighty, shiny and gleaming gold—and outrageously logo-adorned. Still, although YSL Beauty was bought by L’oreal from the Gucci Group in 1980—perhaps coincidentally, the same year Monsieur Saint-Laurent passed away at age 72—the line has not declined in quality. (Though I swear the compacts are less heavy now…but I’ve noticed this in most brands’ packaging, and it’s not a big deal.)

And even putting aside that fact that the line created the best lip products in the history of all time—their Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain range blazed the trail for what is possible in lip color, with previously unmatched staying power and glorious depth and shine—the brand continues to create even more sumptuous incarnations. Take their newest Vernis à Lévres Vinyl Cream Lip Stain, for example ($36,—and there’s a gift-with-purchase promo happening right this very moment, so giddyup).

Since I am first and foremost a red-orange lip girl, how could I not be devoted to a line that begins and ends with the perfectly-hued lip? According to YSL cosmetics lore, it all started in 1978 with Yves’ relentless pursuit of, and ultimately creation of, the perfect coral lip. Now I’m a collector,  and it’s not just because of their perfect lip creations. YSL’s Fusion Ink Foundation, for example, is at once feather-light and covers amazingly. (It comes in twenty-one shades, but be forewarned: They run light, so best to try before you buy)

My current passion? Rouge Volupte Tint-In-Oil, which is precisely what it sounds like—not for those who don’t like to feel super-drenched in luxurious oil and moisture ( I, for one, most certainly do like that feeling). I’ve even found the best mascara ever from my darling Yves:  Volume Effèt Faux-Cils (false lash effect) in the most devastatingly luscious and super-flattering burgundy shade. I’m not a big mascara person, but this…I love the look a lot more than I’m annoyed by that feeling of weight on my lashes.

And now, the minions of my Yves-y (I call him Yves-y) have bestowed upon the world a uniquely multitasking and beautifully-encased balm that minimizes pores, is both matte and very faintly dewy when it catches the light just so, and has a nearly imperceptible pink glow.

Oh, Yves. You make a lady luxuriate in her forties.

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