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I recently got a call that was a makeup and entertainment artist’s dream: Why not come backstage at the Royal Farms Arena and meet the cast of Cirque du Solei’s OVO…and then get made up as one of the characters?

Didn’t have to ask me twice. I would have been delighted to just go backstage (where I’ve seen such greats as Cher, Reba, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, and Prince). The rest was just the icing on the face.

Before heading backstage, I got the chance to chat with one of the show’s performers, Catherine Audy, who plays a butterfly in OVO.

Good morning, Catherine. So excited you’re coming to Baltimore for the first time. Where are you from originally? Are you a long term aerialist or dancer before this? 

Quebec, Canada. The show was developed there and they have a base camp for the performers to be trained as well .

Are you a longtime aerialist?

I’ve done mostly this kind of work and met my partner for the routine through it.

Is the show sponsored by one of the famous Canadian stage makeup brands?

Yes! We are, by MAC Cosmetics.

That’s great to hear. I worked there many years ago and was impressed with how hands-on they were globally in the entertainment field.

Yes, they have been wonderful. They actually have their educators come in and train us each on our own design or look at the beginning of production so we can handle being our own artist on the road.

That must be intense. What is your look based on?

The evolution of a butterfly.

Neat! How long does that take to apply each night? 

20-25 minutes. Some characters take up to 45.


How do you keep it on through such an athletic performance?

A special white setting powder and setting mist. We add more for back-to-back shows and warmer temps.

How does it look up close?

Usually great. Not as cake-y as you might think.

I bet you and especially the guys want a break when you’re off.

Yes, we tend to go as bare-faced as possible.

How do you take it off?

Surprisingly just with MAC Wipes, Coconut Oil, and a microfiber cloth.

What are some of the most trendy or inspiring colors? 

Lots of blue and grey.

What are some tips an audience member could use to enhance their own makeup?

Set it well, follow your eye shape and don’t be afraid of a pop of color.



The show is at Royal Farms Arena Aug 23-27 with tickets starting at $39.00. Performances begin at 7:30 on weeknights and 1:30 and 4:30 on weekends. 

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